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The only customizable LLMs evaluation tool to gain 360° insights into your AI output quality.

Hallucination40%answer_relevancy59%contextual_relevancy52%factual_correctness28%toxicity21%bias40%Response Coherence50%Empathy46%Adaptability34%Multi-turn Memory30%confidence40%context59%clarity52%cost28%accuracy21%

Evaluate & compare all universal language models at one place


Evaluate LLMs beyond thumbs up/down, in real-time


It's your customized
GPS for LLMs evaluation


Iterate prompts across LLMs, evaluate and compare thousands of output on a single screen


You don't need ground truth anymore, customize LLMs evaluation as per your use case & task.


Real-time LLMs performance monitoring in production to measure what matters to your customers most.

it's how you deliver

Best AI output quality in
just 50% cost

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Explore key LLMs hacks from highly paid AI engineers

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We recently started using LLUMO. Earlier we were a bit skeptical that it will increase our workload and might delay our project timelines, but it streamlined our end-to-end LLM project. We are now doing double the tests we used to run in a day and have automated benchmarks to measure quality of prompts and output.

Jazz PradoBeam.gg, Product Manager

Your Customized GPS for LLMs Evaluation

No more guess work, gain 360° insights to meet your customer's expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I try LLUMO for free?

LLUMO is designed for AI teams and involves considerable infra cost, hence we don’t give any free version or trial as of now. But we understand you want to try the tool before you purchase, so we give early access to LLUMO for a small fee with a 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked. For exclusive offers or discounts, discuss it with our customer success manager on the demo call.

Is LLUMO secured?

Yes. It’s totally secured with AES 256-bit encryption and complies with GDPR policies. Check the Security section to get more details.

What’s so special about LLUMO?

LLUMO is the only tool that gives you smart prompts for your basic prompts and lets you start experimenting in the right direction. Plus, you can test every LLM provider at one place, fine-tune prompt and model configuration. The best part is that you get a 4Cs framework to evaluate your prompt performance right away, you don’t even need target test values to measure these 4Cs, we have built our own proprietary AI models to evaluate these scores and have tested them on 100k+ prompts and output combinations.

Does LLUMO give me real-time analytics?

Yes. LLUMO gives real-time analytics for development and production environments. We gave 4 types of analytics – Quality, Economic, Growth and Technical. We also gave you the most advanced prompt evaluation framework - 4Cs (Confidence, Context, Clarity and Cost).